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  • Quick tip: Fixing Dojo drag and drop issues in a Windows 8 VMWare on the Mac

    Karsten Lehmann  March 7 2013 07:33:56
    I am currently setting up a new dev environment with Windows 8 and Notes/Domino 9 to work on demos for my Dojo 1.8/AMD session at Entwicklercamp next week.

    To my surprise, I noticed yesterday, that drag and drop operations on Dojo widgets did not work as expected. For example, I could not drag the splitters of a BorderContainer layout widget and the columns of a LazyTreeGrid could not get resized.
    It seemed as if mouse events got lost, but I only got that effect in Firefox and Chrome. In IE, everything was working fine.

    After a bit of Googling, I found out that VMWare Fusion emulates some kind of touch device for Windows 8 and that this can get disabled by setting

    touchscreen.vusb.present = "FALSE"

    in the VMX file of the VMWare image. I tried it and it helped, drag and drop is now working again.


    1Joacim Boive  03/07/2013 10:53:13  Quick tip: Fixing Dojo drag and drop issues in a Windows 8 VMWare on the Mac

    I would recommend using Parallels instead of WMWare.

    I've tried both and find Parallels to be the better choice. Feels more complete and runs faster. You'll be hard pressed to find any reviews that favour VMW over Parallels.

    Easy to import your VMW images as well.

    And the above isn't an issue running Windows 8 in Parallels, just tested. ;)


    2Karsten Lehmann  03/07/2013 11:01:14  Quick tip: Fixing Dojo drag and drop issues in a Windows 8 VMWare on the Mac

    You may be right, I used Parallels a few years ago. Switched to VMware to have the same VM format in Mac and Windows host environments so that I can run the same VM on my desktop machine. Did not notice a big difference when I switched to Fusion (V3 I think).

    3Joacim Boive  03/19/2013 15:26:05  A current benchmark

    Your need differs a bit from mine, I run Mac all the way and wish to cram every bit of performance I can out of Wintendoze.

    Here's a benchmark comparing the two:

    { Link }

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