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  • Status report / no session submission for LS12

    Karsten Lehmann  7 November 2011 10:27:35
    It's been some time since the last blog post in July. The last weeks have been incredibly busy, working five days a week on 3-4 projects at customers on-site does not leave much time for blogging and it does not look like this will change very soon.
    To give you an impression, here are a few things that we've been working on:

    Development of an OSGi based web application framework with Ext.js UI

    Abstraction layer for web applications that unifies data access across document-oriented and relational database systems, allows for tracking of data object changes (old/new values, group multi-object changes as transactions), different kinds of data serialization like XML or JSON and visualizing data with an Ext.js based, dynamically created web UI (using Jamon template language) that reads and writes contents through REST APIs. The framework can run from pure Eclipse and also in Domino's OSGi container.

    Development of an OSGi based XPages application framework with Dojo UI

    XPages extensibility API add-on to develop the backend code of XPages directly in Java instead of writing SSJS code or Expression Language to bridge between UI element events/properties and application code.
    The framework uses Java Annotations and Java Reflection APIs for UI/backend code weaving.

    Development of an IBM Websphere portal server applications

    Custom development of market-analysis application for consumer goods industry.

    Development of dynamic web application based on Glassfish and JPA, with jQuery and Highcharts

    Data analysis tool for the buying department of a German automotive company.

    Plugin development for the Lotus Notes Client

    Several productivity enhancement plugins for the Lotus Notes Client

    Plugin deployment support

    Autodetection routine for XPages applications in Client/Server to automatically check for required Eclipse features/plugins when an application is opened (implemented in Lotusscript) so that the XPages runtime does not display those confusing error messages about missing XPages extensions. Instead, errors are properly handled without user interaction and missing features are automatically deployed on the machine.

    XPiNC development framework

    Spent time to work on enhancements for the XPages2Eclipse toolkit that provides Eclipse APIs to XPages applications in the Lotus Notes Client.

    Classic Domino web application development

    Improved round tripping quality of richtext editing between web browser and Notes Client including paste optimization from MS Word. Solution uses a combination of CKeditor add-ons and HTML/DXL conversions developed in Lotussript code for R7.  Customer: print industry

    Classic Notes Client development

    Built a Notes application to automatically deploy and update a list of mail folders to iOS users on Traveler.

    A word about Lotusphere 2012

    Since time is so limited, we decided not to submit a session proposal for Lotusphere 2012.

    We will however participate with full conference pass and I just booked hotel and flight two days ago. In contrast to previous years, we will arrive one day earlier, on Friday, 13th of January 2012 (hopefully not a bad day for travel, at least it's a direct flight :-)).
    Are there any plans yet for a blogger meeting for a beer or two on Saturday 14th like in previous years?

    Another reason not to submit a session is that things get more complicated year after year. To learn about OSGi development or XPages extensibility APIs in a hands-on session for a day or two does make much more sense than watching a one hour presentation.

    We could have submitted our plugin development session from last year another time (overview of plugin development for Notes Client and DDE with 14 demos), because slides and demos are already done. But that session (which got very good feedback at LS11) has now been presented four times at two conferences (Lotusphere and German Entwicklercamp 2010/2011). It's hard to get motivated for the 5th time :-).

    So, to sum up this long blog entry, I am really looking forward to seeing many of you guys at LS12 - and to having more time to work on concepts and product prototypes in the next weeks.

    1Ryan Baxter  18.11.2011 02:23:55  Status report / no session submission for LS12

    Karsten looking forward to seeing you at LS12. I am hoping to be there on the 14th, so maybe we can grab a drink then.

    2Karsten Lehmann  28.11.2011 22:27:16  Status report / no session submission for LS12

    Hi Ryan, I am also looking forward to seeing you in Orlando. I'm sure we can find time for a drink or two. :-)