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  • Mindoo has become a member of IBM’s Notes/Domino Design Partner program

    Karsten Lehmann  12 May 2009 16:33:37
    Today we're proud to announce that Mindoo has become a member of IBM's Notes/Domino Design Partner program!

    As an early adopter of new technology, the Design Partner program gives Mindoo the opportunity to test and evaluate IBM Lotus Notes and Domino based products before they are released.
    The Design Partner program consists of the following components:
    • PRE-beta software downloads
    • a discussion forum for interaction between Design Partners and developers
    • requirements voting and prioritization
    • early deployer assistence
    • weekly Design Partner calls to present new product features and obtain feedback
    • One-on-One Design & Implementation sessions
    • and workshops to delve into new development technologies
    In return, we give feedback about the usability of new features, report any issues we are facing and provide information about requirements we and our customers have for future Notes/Domino releases.

    We would like to thank IBM for letting us participate!

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