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  • Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    Karsten Lehmann  13 December 2010 22:31:01
    Today I received an email notification from IBM that an additional session submission has made its way into the Lotusphere session list.

    This time, it's a session that I'm co-hosting with Colin MacDonald from GROUP Business Software.
    Looks like IBM had the opportunity to pick another session and chose our proposal:

    BP212: Deep Dive into XPage Expression Language Syntax

    One of the most powerful features of XPages is the ability to compute nearly any value or attribute on the fly, from column headers to labels to styles to validation rules. But how do these runtime computations actually work? We'll take you on a technical deep dive into EL bindings, and show you how to get the most out of this remarkable capability. Learn how to perform simple inline calculations, exploit map variables, discover alternative syntaxes, and even write your own EL resolver, allowing you to create your own language! Whether you're an XPages beginner or expert, you're sure to get something out of this in-depth session.

    The session is not yet included in the session list on the Lotusphere website.

    See you in Orlando!


    1Ben Langhinrichs  13.12.2010 23:30:09  Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    It may not be on the Lotusphere website, but it is in the sessions db.

    2Peter Presnell  14.12.2010 01:02:57  Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    I know everyone around in the office celebrated when we heard this presentation had been accepted. EL is an important component of XPages that remains a mystery to most Notes developers. I am really looking forward to seeing this presentation.

    3Nathan T. Freeman  14.12.2010 01:28:21  Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    @2 - Everyone except Colin, who said "oh crap, now I actually have to DO it?"

    I'm very excited, though. EL is almost universally not understood. It's going to be a great session.

    4Toby Samples  14.12.2010 03:24:48  Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    This is without a doubt one session I will not miss. Thank you for not treating Xpages like it is only drag and drop.

    5Devin Olson  15.12.2010 04:45:55  Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    Very, very much looking forward to this one.

    6Robert Thresher  10.01.2011 18:18:55  Got another session at Lotusphere 2011

    Good luck at your session