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  • A simple tool to open the server replica instance of a local document

    Karsten Lehmann  20 April 2009 18:56:58
    Here is a small tool that I wrote for my every day work:
    I have several local replicas of large server databases that I replicate with special replication settings turned on, like truncating richtext and attachments of documents after X kilobytes.
    When you open such a document in your local replica, you will miss part of the text and cannot open the attached files.

    Now you've got two options:
    1.) Use "Actions / Retrieve entire document" of the Notes Client to pull the whole document into your local replica.

    That way you'll have that large (e.g. 300 MB) attachment on your disk afterwards, although you do not need it there anymore after viewing it once. IBM does not provide an option to purge the document later on (we already requested this feature in IBM's Design Partner program).

    2.) Search for the document in the server replica and open it there

    You can either search the document manually by title/date or copy the document's Notes URL into the clipboard, switch the workspace chicklet of the database to the server replica and execute the Notes URL via the address bar. That works, but it is a lot of work.

    So here is a tool to do option 2) automatically:

    The provided database contains a one-click installation routine for a small toolbar icon. After a restart of the Notes Client, you can use that icon to open the currently selected document(s) in different server replicas. If there is only one alternative replica, the document is opened directly. Otherwise, you will be prompted in which database you want to open it.

    Image:A simple tool to open the server replica instance of a local document

    The tool works cross-platform Windows/Linux/Mac. On Windows, we have some special code to read the other replication servers of the document's database. Unfortunately, that code is Windows-only at the moment, so on Linux/Mac you will see a prompt with all your defined replication servers.
    The database is only tested with Notes 8.5, but should also work in earlier versions. It's a pure Lotusscript solution, no Java code.

    The tool is free of charge for private and business use.

    Here is it:
    mindoo-serverdoc-opener.zip (120 kb)

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