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  • LS11: Updated list of download links (31 sessions added)

    Karsten Lehmann  30 January 2011 17:16:51
    We arrived in Orlando yesterday evening after 10-12 hours of flight (first one Frankfurt-Orlando, second one Frankfurt-New York-Orlando). After the check-in I searched for new session slides in the Lotusphere website and found 31 additional sessions, however, the list is still not complete.

    Here is list of the new sessions posted since my first list and here is the merged list of all available session slides.

    Finally, to make all the people jealous who could not make it to Lotusphere, here is a photo from out balcony.
    Temperature is 22°C, nice and sunny weather. :-)

    Image:LS11: Updated list of download links (31 sessions added)

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