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  • LS11 BP203: Our demo lineup for Thursday

    Karsten Lehmann  31 January 2011 17:05:13
    As a preview for our session on Thursday about Leveraging the New Java APIs in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1/8.5.2, here is a list of all the demos that we are about to show.

    Yes, there will also be slides with content, we don't fill the whole 60 minutes with demos :o). But the purpose of this session is to give you an impression of what can be done using the available APIs.
    See you on Thursday, 11:15am in room DL S. Hemisphere III  !

    Using the UI API from Eclipse: accessing UI document
    • Context menu extension for mail form, graphical name picker and inserting boilerplates into emails

    Using the UI API from Eclipse: accessing UI view
    Flexible report generator to process selected view entries
    • Produce report by execution formula or JavaScript on selection
    • Compose document in a configurable database with result placed in richtext field

    Reacting on selection changes
    Universal context-based online help system for the sidebar
    • Displays the help topic for the current field/form/view/xpage that has focus
    • Uses browser container to display help content as html
    • Clickable actions that interact with the current UI element (fill in fields etc.)        

    LotusScript2Eclipse bridge
    • Register context menu action for fields anf forms from LotusScript
    • Multithreaded LotusScript application:
    • Execute LotusScript code in background, display progress as Eclipse progress dialog and display result in the UI

    XPages2Eclipse bridge
    • Implemented as XPages Extensibility API plugin, available as DDE control pallette entry
    • Create a new mail from an XPages application with predefined fields
    • Visualize long-running SSJS tasks as Eclipse Jobs
    • Execute dynamic LotusScript with Notes UI access from SSJS
    • Create perspectives and viewparts from SSJS

    Domino Designer extensibility API
    • Custom properties for Notes design elements
    • Automatic design element modification

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