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  • Augmented reality on the iPhone - a cool new concept with great potential

    Karsten Lehmann  31 August 2009 13:52:02
    A little sign of life, one week after the last vacation and one week before the next one. :-)

    Our main work at the moment has to do with a completely new MindPlan version for our partner Haus Weilgut. There already is a standalone MindPlan application on the market that stores its data in Lotus Notes and one version that is directly integrated into the Lotus Notes 8.x client as a Composite Application component.
    This new version is somehow different. Still using Notes/Domino technologies, but with a very innovative approach. Watch the MindPlan blog for announcements in the next weeks.

    I will continue the XPages development and blogging after the next vacation (had to concentrate on MindPlan to produce an alpha test version).

    For now, I've just come across a very cool new concept, called "Augmented reality" for the iPhone that I would like to share with you.

    Here is an article about a sample application that integrates tourist information into the camera image of an iPhone:
    The future is now? Augmented reality comes to the iPhone

    I think the technology has a great potential, not only for tourist information. I think of very funny geo caching and virtual reality shooter games when I the demo video.
    For example something like this on the iPhone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cix3Ws2sOsU  :-)
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