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    • News Update from Mindoo Land: Domino JNA / JNX

      Karsten Lehmann  26 July 2021 13:15:43
      In a pandemic (in particular with two young kids of 5 and 7 years), times flies by even faster than in regular times, so it's no surprise that this blog has not seen many updates for a very long time.

      Just wanted to let you know that we are still very busy, leveraging and improving the Domino AppDev platform.

      The biggest project I have been working on in 2020 and so far in 2021 has to do with our Domino JNA codebase. For the project itself, we released 11 new versions since the beginning of 2020.

      We added functionality that we needed for our own development projects and the project got additional traction because it was used by the HCL Innovation Labs initially for Project Keep, now called HCL Domino REST API and in public beta for a few week.

      After the first few internal Keep versions, the HCL Innovation Labs team decided that having a modern Java API for Domino would not just be relevant for their own projects but for every developer out there and that this should (hopefully) become the new standard for Java development on Domino.

      That's why we teamed up with Jesse Gallagher to build something even better than Domino JNA - called Domino JNX.

      Let's call it Domino JNA on steroids. We took the codebase of Domino JNA and built a powerful API that is both easy to use and has even more features than Domino JNA.

      Some examples:
      • automatic garbage collection for Domino C handles (based on Java's PhantomReference)
      • leverages modern Java language features like Generics, lambda expressions, the Stream API and Optional's
      • more APIs, e.g. to read the database design and current efforts to provide write access as well
      • JSON serialization support
      • extensible, e.g. to store your own objects in Domino documents

      JNX is the foundation for the HCL Domino REST API which itself is the foundation for other cool projects like the OpenClient initiative that will provide a native EWS/JMAP API for Domino and therefore native access for Microsoft Outlook, the Apple Mail client and others.

      There are ongoing efforts to give you, the Domino developer community, access to the JNX API (not just as part of the existing public beta release of the Domino REST API).

      So stay stuned for upcoming announcements! :-)