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    • Mindoo CMS on Domino: Some examples

      Karsten Lehmann  27 July 2021 07:42:43
      Mindoo CMS is a Domino powered web content management system that we developed as part of a large project for a local print shop to build a web authoring system for the articles of their local newspapers with approval workflow, custom spellchecker with dictionary stored in Domino (based on http://hunspell.github.io/) and various data exports (e.g. responsive UI and EPUB for subscribers, QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign for printing machines).

      The CMS does not just display the final articles, it's driving the whole web application to compose and approve articles as well.

      Here is a list of the main features:
      • responsive user interface for desktop and mobile browsers
      • live editing of websites: as logged in user, just shift-click on any test in the live website and edit it or add content
      • full support of the Domino access model, e.g. to built corporate intranets with different layout/content for target groups
      • very flexible templating system based on custom Handlebars tags
      • no developer skills needed for authors
      • compose web site pages out of building blocks predefined by the template editor with unrestricted complexity
        (e.g. add base page layout, sections for text/images, gallery block and gallery images with meta data; data model is 100% defined within the CMS)
      • automatic history of all CMS pages, files and templates: compare current state with any previous versions and revert back changed as needed
      • implemented/deployed as OSGi plugins on Domino
      • extensible to add custom CMS tags via OSGi extension points

      Here are some references of web sites that we developed and that are powered by Mindoo CMS: